Hotmelt polyester strapping is substitute product of strapping in the past called „Weatherguard“. Since Weatherguard was manufactured with cold glue, Hotmelt strapping is manufactured with hot glue technology. The polyester yarn strands are longitudinally bonded and covered with hot melt glue.

Hotmelt strapping is used for light to medium duty applications. It is UV and humidity resistant, but sensitive to high or low air temperature.

At low temperatures below 0°C the strap freezes, becomes stiffer and loses the elasticity, but all other features are not affected and once strapped, your merchandise can be stored outdoors at low temperatures without any restrictions.

Due to its physical characteristics (hot melt glue), at high temperatures Hotmelt strapping becomes softer and could slip in the buckle under some circumstances (movement of strapped merchandise). Therefore, in this case for outdoors applications in warm regions with air temperatures much above 30°C, we recommend use of Woven strapping instead of Hotmelt.

Anyway, there are absolutely no limits to use Hotmelt strapping everywhere independent of air temperature if applied with a knot without buckle. Best example for that is our baling strapping used in recycling industry worldwide. It provides simplest but best solution to secure your pressed bales for transportation etc.